TRAGOA is the leading platform for importing, exporting, and brokering to and from Africa.

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On TRAGOA, you are able to:
  • Create a profile for your business or self
  • Post products you would like to buy or sell to or from Africa
  • Verify your profile and see which members are verified
  • Search products you would like to import to or from Africa
  • Search global and African businesses and traders
  • Chat real-time or at your convenience in our messenger system with trading partners
  • Send a Request-For-Quote / Invitation-For-Bid to get leads on products you need
  • Review traders and products
  • Bookmark traders and products
  • Keep up with the latest news on the African trade market on the Tragoa Blog
All for free at the convenience of your own home with just a search and a click.

What is TRAGOA?

TRAGOA is a platform to assist with importing, exporting, and brokering to and from Africa. We are "The Alibaba of Africa". We provide products and businesses, advertising, communication tools, verification, search tools, and more on our platform free of charge. The platform has many features such as product posts, profiles, member-to-member live chat, verification, request-for-quote (RFQ), reviews, bookmarks, etc. Members are able to fill out their profiles with text and images, verify themselves, create product posts for what they sell (export), want (import), or broker (broker), and communicate through member-to-member live chat or the request-for-quote service, and a lot more! The products and businesses posted on our platform are third-parties. TRAGOA does not directly sell or buy any of the products posted on our platform. We are a new website so stay tuned for more features and offerings from us in the near future!

How to get started:

Step 1

Click the "REGISTER FOR FREE" button at the top of the "Welcome" page. Specify all basic details about your business and/or self.

Step 2

Upon registration you will be directed to the “Edit Profile” page. Fill out detailed info about your business and/or self and why you are on TRAGOA. We highly recommend you upload a company logo or photos (up to 5).

Step 3

Next, add unlimited products you are selling, looking for, or brokering, by hitting the + button on the "Products" page, or "Home" and "Edit Profile" pages through the "Add Product" card. And/or send a Request-For-Quote / Invitation-For-Bid to get leads on products you need.

Step 4

Verify your profile using one of the 3 types of verification TRAGOA offers. Verification services can be accessed from the "Edit Profile" page, "Home" page, and the "Verify" link in the navigation bar.


You will then have access to all TRAGOA has to offer. Your business and products will be publicly advertised. Members are able to live chat through the direct messaging system, bookmark products and businesses, give reviews, etc. with more options to come in the near future.

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Our mission at TRAGOA is:

To provide our consumers with a fast, reliable, safe, and cost effective way to link Africa to the rest of the world in the form of shopping and/or business.

Our focus is to provide a platform based around the African Growth and Opportunity Act

We are able to do this by providing our consumers with a platform to showcase what they have to offer, browse for what they want, and communicate directly safely and with assurance.

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